How to Buy A Jewelry Safe

Open drawers in a jewelry safe

Jewelry safe purchases are important investments. Have you considered all of these important factors to safeguard your investment?

What Is a Jewelry Safe?

A jewelry safe has one sole objective – to safeguard your valuables.  These are items made from gemstones and precious metals that are worth a lot, so they’re worth the investment to protect them.

You’ll want to keep your investment away from thieves or even children.  A jewelry safe will definitely safeguard your precious pieces away from damage and burglary.

However, you also have that heirloom you’ve always treasured and as a tradition, you want to pass it on to the next generation. Keeping jewelry for more than a 10 years is a serious undertaking.

And with all our busy lives it is easy to forget where we kept them, even if they are  treasured- it happens! So, the best method to take precautions would definitely be putting it in a  secure location like a jewelry safe.

Are Jewelry Safes Expensive Or Cheap?

Since jewelry safes are intended to provide the highest security, they can be found in all  varieties and costs, primarily on the higher side. And as a  valuable financial investment, you need to investigate a few to find which safe that is right for you.

Luckily enough, here is a compiled list that will help you calculate  just how much you will need to  spend for your ideal jewelry safe.

What to Look For in a Jewelry Safe

Storage Capacity

A very easy method to identify the expense of jewelry safes is by looking at their dimensions Jewelry safes come in different sizes and the larger the safe, the more it will cost.

As you  take a look at the different sizes, take into consideration the storage area of your safe. Is it going to fit in a closet compartment? Will you be putting it out in the open?  Possibly  alongside your bed?

Size constraints will help you determine if you will need a compact size or a large jewelry safe.

Adjustable Storage Spaces

Costs of safes also depend on the  sort of jewelry you are storing and how adjustable the safe is. There are jewelry safes made for rings, necklaces, and also big statement pieces.  Cabinet interiors can be sophisticated. Note that the less complicated it is, the lower the price.


Jewelry safe boxes come in all shapes and sizes.  Digital safes will certainly cost you extra. Safes with higher fire ratings or burglary proof ratings are also  costly.

Some jewelry safes include additional features that allow you to safeguard records, documents, and files. These add-ons will all  factor into just how much you will pay for your jewelry safe.

What Should You Look For In The Best Jewelry Safe?

Investing in a jewelry safe will certainly go a long way to safeguard all your heirlooms and pieces while remaining accessible at all times.  Despite having many elements, not all jewelry safes are going to have the most reliable protection features.

So,  exactly how do you  identify which one is best for your jewelry?

Cash Rating

Honestly, the first element to consider when researching a jewelry safe is the cash rating / insurance policy. Even if you have your home security systems insured, you need to check how much value your jewelry safe can protect in instances of burglary or destruction by natural means.

A cash rating shows the amount of cash or jewelry the insurer might cover in these cases. The fine print of your policy will ultimately determine  just how much jewelry you can keep in the safe.

A general  guideline for your cash rating is to  maintain jewelry up to ten times the worth of your cash rating. For instance, if you have a cash rating of $5,000, you can  store jewelry worth  as much as $50,000.

Insurance on jewelry safes can become a quite complicated so make sure you understand your policy.  Otherwise you may have a hard time submitting your claim application if the worst should happen.

The Size Of Jewelry Safe

While safes can meet a certain level of protection, it is important to consider their  measurements.  Larger safes might not be pricey if they don’t use electricity or batteries for operation. Look for smaller jewelry safes if you intend to  keep smaller pieces of jewelry.

It is  easier to get to  figure your safe’s optimal size once you determine how much jewelry you own.

If you are going to use yours as a jewelry safe alone, or if you want to also up as a gun safe or  home safe, you should also factor that in as well.  This will help you make a better decision in  regards to the size of your safe.

Digital Safe Or Key Lock?

The locking system of your safe is as important as the body or size. Digital jewelry safes are a  much better option for the tech-savvy  individual or if you’re  used to entering PINs  as opposed to carrying lots of keys.  However if you tend to be an absent-minded person, it is better to  select a key lock jewelry safe.

Key locks are chunky and also can be  challenging to shop or walk with.  Likewise,  changing the lock keys is an expensive undertaking.

With digital locks, there’s no need for keys and it is easier to store the biometric  combinations. You can  also share your PIN with  a couple of trustworthy family members in case you forget.

Fire-resistant Jewelry Safe

While  the majority of jewelry safes are  fire resistant, your important  files will only last for a limited time. Fire defense ratings are made in units of time, and current safes have fire ratings anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

A rating of less than one  hour  might not be the most best choice for jewelry with delicate gemstones like opal, as well as other precious stones.