Hidden Wall Safe Round-Up

RFID Fingerprint

You can never be too safe even in your own house. When you’ve got valuables like jewelry or guns and need to keep them safe, you can’t just trust your cupboard or a locked drawer.

Some things need to be put away in a super-secret space away from all kids and in a hidden space. So even if a burglar or thief breaks into your house, he may not be able to find them.

But how do you hide something that way? The answer is pretty simple: all you need is a well-hidden wall safe! With an RFID hidden safe, you’ll be able to protect your belongings, and no intruder will be able to lay their eyes on your valuables.

What does a hidden wall safe look like?

Wall-mounted hidden security systems are built to blend into your house furniture or your walls. They will be entirely undetectable to burglars, and only the person who placed them there will know where they are. Hidden wall safes can easily be disguised behind a bookshelf, a picture frame, a cabinet, a television, or a piece of furniture.

There’s been quite advancements in safes, and the more recent models enable them to appear externally as a basic wall fitting such as a power outlet, but they’re actually a hidden spot for valuables! Wall Hidden Safes are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Some are designed to hold only your most valuable jewelry and nothing else and are very limited in space. For example, some safes may be in the shape of food packages or cans so they can hold keys or coins, while others are spacious enough to keep electronic devices, papers, and other large-size valuables.

Do I really need a hidden wall safe?

Burglars, as well as opportunistic friends, relatives, and neighbors, may be able to find your valuables if you have hidden stashes strategically placed around your house. When robbers are in a hurry, a concealed wall safe can help solve this problem by providing them with too many locations to check.

Thieves usually break in and exit quickly, without bothering to inspect every single wall socket, can, or book for valuables. They’re seeking simple products that they can grab and depart in a hurry. That’s why you should keep your possessions in clear view to help yourself, not the burglar. They’ll probably search your bedroom cupboards or study area, or lounge drawers for valuables. They won’t need checkbooks or cans or sockets. Hence, these spots are perfect for hidden wall safes!

Best Hidden Wall Safes

1. Digital Electronic Flat Recessed Wall Hidden SafeSturdy, SecureRead More
2. Diversion Safe StashDisguised as an Air VentRead More
3. Viking Security Safe VS-52BLXBiometric LockRead More
4. Trademark Gambler’s Wall Clock Diversion SafeActual Wall ClockRead More

Digital Electronic Flat Recessed Wall Hidden Safe

This hidden wall safe will be a fantastic security addition to your house. It kind of looks like the safes you see in movies. Made of a robust alloy steel body, this digital wall safe provides a fantastic means of storing your belongings and valuables.

It consists of an anti-theft alarm that rings if it’s tried to be opened in the wrong manner. You can put a digital PIN code into it, which is programmed with 3 to eight digits. So your PIN number can consist of 3 to 8 digits. We’d advise you to make it be longer, so it’s harder to guess.

This wall safe is made up of thick solid alloy steel to make it invisible to pulling and other means of breaking in. There are two shelves inside this concealed wall safe, and it gives you plenty of room to store your valuables (see our list of Best Jewelry Safes). This safe also boasts a heavy-duty chrome steel bolt-throw system which is a great advancement from conventional safes that only had latches.

Forgetting the code is not a problem. There’s a master key included that can be used in situations where you forget the digital entry code. There are also some mounts so you can attach them to walls. If your items are delicate, then that’s no issue either because this safe has padding included to protect delicate items.

Master Key IncludedDoor may be crooked
Digital Entry
Pin bolt throw system
Mounts included

Diversion Safe Stash

If you’re on the hunt for an RFID hidden safe, this safe stash might just be your best option. This hidden safe looks like an air vent. Does anyone ever look inside an air vent? Hardly! That’s why this is a fantastic spot for hiding your valuables.

This hidden stash compartment is made up of aluminum and has an RFID lock card. This means that you can unlock it only through a magnetic card. It’s kind of similar to the cards you get at hotel rooms. There’s no mechanical lock, so don’t worry about someone breaking it up. No one can steal your belongings unless they’ve got a magnetic card.

This safe stash comes with a one-year warranty as well. It has a total capacity of 15″ x7″ x3″ and is the last place a thief would look when they’re in your house.

One-year warrantySomewhat bulky
RFID lock
Looks like an air vent

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX

The Viking security hidden wall safe is one of the best-hidden wall safes available. The VS-52BLX Hidden Wall Safe will keep your money and possessions as secure as possible. The VS-52BLX’s memory can hold up to 32 distinct fingerprints and one PIN code. So the memory is pretty non-volatile and is biometric based through an LCD screen.

Only the recorded fingerprints are recognized by the VS-52BLX’s sophisticated Optical Sensor. The PIN Code merely serves as a backup plan in case the safe needs to be opened by another authorized person. Or if the person with the fingerprint isn’t available and needs something from the safe.

In this case, he/she will authorize someone else and give them the PIN so they can open the safe. Gold, vital paperwork, tiny devices, jewelry, and other belongings can all be safely stored with Viking Security. This biometric hidden wall safe is meant to be sunken into the walls and seem flat against the surface, making it excellent for hiding behind furniture or photos.

This hidden wall safe is very easy to set up, and you can do it without getting outside help. Using it is pretty much a breeze too. All you need to do is register a fingerprint with the safe. And after that, just touch your finger with it to open it.

Made of sturdy alloy steel, the Vikings security hidden wall safe has a futuristic design and has a strong and sturdy build. The size is very good, and this safe will hide behind any frame or couch. It features a 500 DPI optical sensor, a seamless laser cut, a motorized deadbolt locking mechanism, and a 5mm door.

Tightly sealedWeak interior shelves
Easy setup
Biometric lock
Sturdy, pry-resistant design

Trademark Gambler’s Wall Clock Diversion Safe

A wall clock is something everyone has in their house. Would a thief care about looking inside a wall clock? I think not! Now here’s a hidden wall safe that disguises itself as a wall clock. On the outside, it will look like an ordinary timepiece, but inside, you can keep all kinds of valuables like jewelry and cash.

The safe’s hidden chamber is disguised below a fully functional clock. So the clock works too, and you can insert the batteries and get it to look like any ordinary clock. This adds to the secret compartment’s secrecy. Two shelves inside the safe divide the space into three sections so that you can put your valuables there in an organized way. Also, thanks to the shelves, you can put more items into it. This fully functional clock can be used to store jewels, additional money, credit and debit cards, and other things.

But keep in mind that even though it’s a great disguise, it’s not very sturdy. This classic clock is made up of plastic and is just a clock with a hidden compartment. It’s a great way to trick thieves, but it’s not a strong iron safe. So if you’re looking for something robust and unbreakable, you might want to consider your other options.

Three shelvesNot lockable
Working clock disguise
Easy to hang and open


No one can compromise on safety. It’s advantageous to have a concealed safe in an unobtrusive, unreachable place in your house since leaving it in a prominent place where anyone is bound to look increases the chances of burglars finding it and stealing it during a robbery.

These ingenious ideas for concealed safes can deter intruders and keep your safe secure. It is critical to safeguard one’s possessions. When there are so many disasters that could occur, like burglaries, it’s critical it’s to keep those objects that are hard to match safe.

Our favorite hidden wall safe would be the Viking hidden wall safe and the Digital electronic flat recessed wall safe since they’re the more durable and strong options and will not be broken into easily. But if we were to talk about a better idea, then the diversion safes like a safe in the shape of an air vent or clock are the more preferred options.

Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash