Best Jewelry Safe Box For Your Home

Fingers pressing buttons on electronic safe keypad

Finding the Best Jewelry Safe Box for your needs depends on several factors: how many pieces you are protecting, their financial and personal value, and how much you plan to spend on the safe.

Best Jewelry Safe Rankings Details

1. Amazon Basics Steel Security SafeBest Overall
Digital Key Access
Scratch-Resistant Interior
Pry-Resistant Concealed Hinges
2 Override Backup Keys
Adjustable Interior Shelf
Multiple Sizes
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2. Tigerking Digital Security Safe Box
Most High-End
High Anti-Theft Function
Dual Warning System
Key and Code Access
Extra Lock-Box
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3. Yuanshikj Deluxe Digital Security SafeBest Budget Buy
Easy To Install
Compact Design
Magnetic Auto Locking Mechanism
Affordable Price
Manual Override Backup
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4. SentrySafe Fireproof SafeBest Quality
Best Resistance
2-Key Override Lock
1 Hour Fireproof Rating
Waterproof (24 Hours)
Impact Resistant (15 ft.)
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5. Honeywell Steel Security Safe BoxMost Convenient
Programmable Digital Lock
Sturdy Design
Great Value
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1. Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe Lock Box

The number one concern when finding a safe is home security, and this jewelry safe from Amazon Basics is a perfect match. With a sturdy pry-resistant, solid steel construction and digital key access, this safe is a great option for all your valuables.

The digital key lock has 2 override keys, so you can always reset your pin whenever you forget or suspect unauthorized access. 

Valuable jewelry, especially those with precious gemstones, require a scratch-free surface and this jewelry safe has a perfectly laid carpet floor. And despite its modest price point, the safe has some great features such as a mountable back complete with mounting holes.

The extra mounting hardware is convenient and there’s no need to buy any additional mounting tools. 

This safe is created for the most discerning shopper and also economical enough to fit your wallet.

When top quality meets comfort you get a safe that’s obtainable in numerous sizes starting at 0.5 cubic feet.

The Amazon Basics Security Safe Box has  2 live-door locking bolts that are both concealed and pry-resistant.

These  features will provide you with confidence when you’re away from home. The digital keypad is easy to set up and use. And, in case you forget your PIN, there are two override  options that’ll bypass your old digital key.

Great ValueNo Manual Override System
Scratch-resistant interior
Pry-resistant concealed hinges
Two Override Methods

2. TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box


This jewelry safe from TIGERKING  provides a combination of  protection, comfort, and sophistication. Even though it comes at a somewhat higher price, it is well worth the investment.

You can secure the safe with digital access PINs  and it also has a manual override system included in case you forget the codes.

Furthermore, this piece has an automatic alarm system that detects movements that may suggest a break-in.

The safe can also serve as two separate boxes with its helpful internal lock box. The 2 cubic meter area allows you to store all the jewelry you want in this heavy-duty, solid steel safe.

Manual override systemCostly for smaller jewelry collections
Sleek design
Automatic alarm system

3. Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe

Now you don’t have to break the bank to keep your jewelry safe.

This jewelry safe from Yuanskikj is easily the most budget-friendly on this list, but still serves its purpose well.

This mini safe has reinforced steel walls that make it difficult for thieves to open.

Plus the lock is magnetic so it can auto-lock if you leave the door open.

The size is also sleek enough to fit in hidden areas in your home. The dual lock system is convenient and has a manual override backup key whenever you  wish to bypass your digital lock pin.

Great for startersCan open on high-impact
Compact design

4. SentrySafe Fireproof Safe

This jewelry safe is a masterpiece and a true standard of quality.

It features a combination lock, and one of the most reputable locking systems that doesn’t need batteries (or any form of power) to run.

The safe has a fireproof rating of one hour at 1700˚F (927˚C). This will keep all your  precious metals away from damage.

SentrySafe has a drop test approach that proves the jewelry safe will withstand impact after a 15 ft drop.  Ultimately, this safe is highly recommended if you have a lot of expensive jewelry.

Waterproof up to 24 hoursQuite Expensive
Dual lock with backlightingSusceptible to jamming
ETL verified

5. Honeywell Fire Resistant Steel Security Safe Box

If you’ve simply purchased your statement piece or if you are just starting a jewelry collection, the Honeywell fire-resistant steel security safe box is great option.

The safe’s floor is foam padded and scratch-free. This is a great jewelry safe for your delicate  pieces.

With double steel walls, Honeywell’s jewelry safe has a solid construction and will definitely stand up against a break-in.

The interior contains adaptable dimensions to fit your necklaces, chains, and rings. It is light-weight, mobile, and has an eye-catching  briefcase construction with specialized handles.

Minimalist designNot waterproof
Ample paddingKeypad has only five digits
Fire-resistant steel construction

Photo by Immo Wegmann